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So some of you would have seen Ohno's segment on AniShi a while ago about making a duct tape bag. This did set my curious crafty mind into interest. However, I did nothing about it! Then, we have a challenge in another LJ group about making something with duct tape, so here I am with my finished product.

I had plans on making a different item, but it didn't turn out that way. So here are my photos, from start to finish. Not all pics, I got so engrossed with it , I forgot to take photos!

This is the duct tape I decided to use. Reminds me of Japonism. It has all the members colours, so I was happy with it. Although at $7 a roll, a bit expensive.

So with all the strips done, I ventured outside on a sunny winter's day, to make my creation. As you can see, I needed an Oranamin C, to get me started.

Progress is being made!

Weaving finished! Now to decide WTF I am going to make?

TADA! A tote bag! I made the bag late last night, but didn't have any handles. Sorry, no photos of the bag before. I forgot to take them. The handles are an old skipping rope! HAHAHA, why would I need a skipping rope anymore!

VOILA! Finished product! Complete with Arashi ribbons and beads to ensure that the item is completely Arashian! Of course, what could be more Aussie, than hanging it on the clothes line to get a better look at it!

I think, this will become my new tapestry bag! Perfect size. It's not perfect, far from it, but for a first up effort, I'm quite happy with it!

Next time, I may post some more of my crafty creations!


Well things have been a bit stressful lately, so to try and relax, I've created some photos mashups! So enjoy, they are nothing wonderful, but fun to try and do!

Quite addictive really! More to follow soon!

Photos are not mine, but warped humour is!

Happy New Year - 2015 Reflections

Well hello anybody who is reading this! Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year! In my part of the world, it is now summer, and both Christmas day (42 deg) and New Years Eve (40 deg) were very bloody hot! Christmas day brought some devastating bushfires not that far from me! It was about 50 mins drive, but flying over my house on both days were water bombing aircraft and the stench of smoke. Unfortunately, the area is dense bushland, and the fire is expected to burn for a while yet, unless we get some decent rain, which doesn't look likely!

So 2015, was it a good year? It wasn't too bad, buy it wasn't fantastic! Why? Well we'll start with the not so good! My work has been a struggle, get the feeling that someone is ready to put a knife in my back. Some close friends lost their parents, and one of my work collegues, whom I call my friend as well, only a few weeks ago, tragically lost her son in a car accident. I have known that kid for 12 years, seeing him grow up, so that was very hard.

Some friends have had major health problems, and my back hasn't been that flash also! Have been laid up with that more than once in the last 12 months! I seem to be a bit accident prone this year! Always finding bruises, cuts etc!

Now for the good parts! Many of my friends have become parents for the first time! So, so cute! Watching them change each time I see them is wonderful! I also managed to take a wonderful trip to Japan, which I managed to mark 4 items off my BUCKET LIST! These items were:
- Visit Himeji Castle
- Visit Miyajima
- Vist Hiroshima
- Attend an ARASHI concert!


Firstly Himeji Castle. You can see it from the train as you are coming into the town. The view from exiting the station, is truly amazing. I actually gasped at how beautiful it was! It's truly too hard to describe it, so I'll show some pictures

Miyajima, how beautiful is about all I can say! I arrived at low tide so you could walk out to the Torii gate quite a way and then when I left it was high tide, so the Torii gate looked as if it was swimming! There is so much to do there, I even caught the cable car up to the top of Mt Misen. The view of the inland sea is amazing! So here are some pictures....

Hiroshima, I absolutely loved it here! One of my favourite places. To see the A-Dome, the peace park, the museum, the replica castle, I can keep on going. I just wished I had more days there!

Lastly, I SAW ARASHI IN CONCERT!!!!!!! Truly unbelievable! I was lucky enough to go 3 times. The first concert in Nagoya, then in Osaka for Ohno's birthday and the next night! Each time I kept getting closer to the stage, with the last concert being on the floor and 8 rows from the start! I swear Sho and Ohno waved at me! Mind you, I was about 20cm taller than everyone else, blonde and a westerner! I literally stopped breathing when this happened. I thought I was imagining it, but the obachan next to me grabbed my arm, pointed at me, saying something I didn't understand, but she then gave me a thumbs up and continued to smile at me for the rest of the night! And I caught tape!!!!

So that is a brief trip review! Will more than likely do a proper one in the new future! If anyone is interested.

So goodbye 2015, Hello 2016. May you all be safe, healthy and happy!




So tomorrow I'm off to Japan, for just under 6 weeks. I'm excited, and nervous! I'm travelling around the country all on my own! I'll get to see all of the Arashi shows in real time! Buy all the magazines, and spend all my money on merchandise!

Last night, myself and koko66, were lucky enough to see Robbie Williams in concert! FREAKIN AWESOME! And hopefully, in 2 weeks time, I will be lucky enough to see Arashi in concert in Nagoya!!!!

So I don't know if I will be posting anything, depends on internet access, otherwise I will share photos in December, when I get back!

So bye for now!!!!


Picture is not mine, but I found this yesterday, and I think it's appropriate, considering all the shit, going on at the moment!


I'm not usually the sort to write things about this, but this is getting to me. What am I talking about? The rumours about Ohno and his girlfriend! Maybe, it's because I have read so many reports online in the last two days, I thought I would have my two cents worth as well!

LET HIM BE!! People, for God's sake, leave the poor guy alone!! He's nearly 35, why the hell can't he have a girlfriend, or god forbid, a wife and possible family! But he's an idol, I hear some of you saying! SO F#$%^@G WHAT! First and foremost, he's a human being! Not something you, I or anybody owns! (not even JE!). I understand, that people may be hurt by this information about his private life, but what would a rather see? Ohno, happy, because of his private life or Ohno, unhappy, because he did what he thought the fans wanted him to do and not have a private life!

Some things I have noticed lately about Ohno are as follows:

* He's smiling more! He genuinely seems happy!
* He's more talkative!
* He's more creative!
* He looks content with life

Now, I don't know if I'm just speculating or not, but the relationship, has been on for a year, reportedly, and Ohno has become like this in the last year! Coincidence, maybe, but if this is what Ohno is like when he's in love! FANTASTIC! If, it's not love related , that's fine also, but imagine what he'd be like if he was in love!

What do I know about things, well if I must admit, and I never have before, I lost the love of my life, because he listened to what people around him were saying, and he didn't want to ruffle any feathers. We were in a relationship for 3 years, talking marriage and babies, however, I was not the same religion as him, I was not of the same "social standing" as his family, at first it didn't matter, but then..... it was over all of a sudden. Within 12 months, he had married someone of his own religion and social status. What about me? Well, I went into a dark, very dark place, and it didn't help when he would ring me at all hours to discuss problems. He even called his first child, the name we had discussed calling our first child. He knew, that I would always help in out in times of need, but I was miserable. No other guy compared to him, and I would deliberately destroy relationships because of this. He had me on a string for years, all because he listened to other people and didn't want to hurt them. I found out, many years later, the marriage was miserable and well it has now ended, but I still wonder, what might have been.

How does this relate to Ohno Satoshi? Well I want Ohno, and all of the members of Arashi, to be happy! If this means that they have private personal relationships with a female (or male for that matter), good for them! If this means they will get married and have little chibi Arashi's, I say bring it on! Because, if you are a true fan, you will love and support them, no matter what their personal life is!

If this is the only type of scandal, they have, big deal! Even the 2008 "scandal", is no big deal. Just look at western pop idols, and then you will understand what a scandal is. This is nothing!!

I'm sure that some people who read this may disagree with my thoughts, but I will ask to take a good hard look at yourself, and understand what your "obsession" is doing to you! There is good "obsession" and bad "obsession", what do you have?

Lastly, not that he will ever read this, but my final words to Ohno Satoshi and the other members of Arashi....


A true fan, will always love and support you, no matter what the circumstances or consequences!

That is all from me for today!


So I was busy doing nothing, so I created some "artwork". Not doing what I should have been doing, but it is Friday night, so after a very busy week at work, I'm relaxing!

So firstly, I must thank koko66 for the inspiration. She found the very cute pug picture with the writing and I just decided to SHO it up a bit! We were having fun, thinking of catchphrases for it!

Secondly as a thankyou to koko66, I did a Sakumoto (fanfic possibility) and then a Jun on his own!

So enjoy! Pics are NOT MINE, but the "creative" elements are mine! (good or not!)

Just for Fun!

I downloaded a new app which I can beautify (???) photos! So of course, I tried it with some Arashi photos I have saved!

Now, I'm not saying they are great, far from it. I wish I could draw, but I thought I would share them anyway!

I still have to find a solo Nino, Aiba and Jun (too many to choose from), but I will post them when I get them done! Of course there will be more Sho pics, as you can never have enough Sho!

Because I was bored!

First and foremost, I do apologise for my really crappy artwork! I saw this photo of Sho, from Arashi Blast in Hawaii, and my first thoughts were OMG, that's so Aussie Rules. So I decided that I would try and create a new pic with Sho kicking a football, in a Geelong Jumper. BA-BOW EPIC FAIL!!! So decided to scrap that!

So I then decided to try other variations, again EPIC FAIL! So I decided on this one. I'm not happy with it, but I still decided to share it!

Let me explain. I LOVE Australian Rules Football!!! My team is Geelong, aka Geelong Cats. My favourite player is Jimmy Bartel! (Google him, and you'll see why!! SEXY!!!). So I tried to find a pic of Jimmy in a similar shot, but this was the closest I could get. So if you have no idea what I'm talking about, Google Australian Rules Football, Geelong Cats and Jimmy Bartel and you might understand what I'm on about.

So a bizarre post, but well if you know me, I'm sometimes very random!

PS: if anyone knows of a good program to make better memes, feel free to let me know!


Well in my part of the world, it's now Easter! Yes it is a Christian tradition, and in some form I do respect the tradition. But with Easter it means other things now, Hot Cross Buns, Easter Eggs, (mmm chocolate and lots of it!), but for us workers, it means a 4 day weekend!!! Yay!!!

So how am I going to spend my next few days? Well.......... let's see Chocolate, Arashi, Chocolate, Arashi, Chocolate, Arashi etc etc. I guess you get the picture! Of course I plan to do other things, but this is my main priority!

So to celebrate, I have attempted to do some Arashi Easter art! And attempted is the important word here! It is very average, but I only did this as a bit of fun! There is no attempt to claim the pictures as mine, only the poor attempts at creativity! So without further ado, here are my Easter funnies...... (well I hope so anyway!)

I am Sho biased, not afraid to say, anyway HAPPY EASTER!